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Americans Don't Need Reconciliation—They Need to Get Better at Arguing
Eric Liu makes the case for having Better Arguments.
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Too Many Thanksgiving or Election Day Disagreements? Here's How to Have a Better Argument
The Better Arguments Project teaches people around the country to argue better.
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This Expert Says You Shouldn’t Keep Politics out of the Office—Here’s the Right Way to Talk about it at Work
It is virtually impossible to escape talk of the U.S. presidential election right now, and though it can be polarizing, [...] 
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How to Talk Politics with Angry Loved Ones Who Disagree with You
Election Day may be over, but the anger and frustration that divide America politically continue to simmer. For [...] 
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What You Should — and Should Not — Say When Talking to People Who Voted for a Different Presidential Candidate
As America waits to find out who will be its next president, the election so far has made at least one [...] 
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