American civic life doesn’t need fewer arguments; it needs better arguments.

Our Mission

Our Mission

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Connecting Communities

We partner with communities to bring principles of a better argument to practice.

  • Detroiters engage in a conversation during the Better Arguments event. Photo Credit: Valaurian Waller


    "I came in thinking that people are tired of these conversations. I'm leaving thinking there is room to convene more people about these topics."

    In Detroit, participants talked about the tensions between newcomers and longtime residents.

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  • Workshop attendee submits her idea into a suggestions box. Photo Credit: J. Amado Photography


    "It's time for conversations to reach out to everyday people, the people we don't normally see."

    In Denver, participants talked about tensions created by the tech boom.

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  • Eric Liu speaks at Aspen Ideas Festival. Photo Credit: Riccardo Savi, The Aspen Institute


    “A rush to reunion can entrench injustice.”

    Eric Liu makes the case for having Better Arguments.

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Trainings & Webinars
Learn more about how to engage with the Better Arguments Project by participating in one of our virtual trainings.
Better Argument Methods

Practical exercises that help individuals and/or groups practice the habits of mind associated with engaging in Better Arguments.

Become a Better Argument Ambassador 
Join an immersive experience with a cohort of Better Argument Ambassadors. Be equipped with skills and support to design your own Better Argument.
Explore our Resources
Our free digital resources will introduce you to key Better Arguments concepts and provide opportunities to practice applying these concepts to various contexts.
Topic Submission
Is there a topic you think needs a Better Argument? Share your ideas with us.

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The Better Arguments Project is a collaboration by the Aspen Institute Citizenship and American Identity Program, Facing History and Ourselves, and The Allstate Corporation.