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We offer pre-designed Better Arguments related to current hot-button topics, longstanding philosophical debates, and complex multi-player tensions. These conversations can take place in a virtual setting, or in an in-person setting in accordance with local regulations.

Tech Boom Tensions
The creation of a robust, local tech economy – and the attraction of the high-wage earners who work in it – can be transformative for a local economy. But others wonder how their community will ensure equitable access to these new opportunities.
Liberty and Equality
The push-pull between liberty and equality manifests in all kinds of ways. Many of today’s most heated political debates relate to which ideal should be prioritized, or how to strike the right balance between liberty and equality.
Voter ID Laws
One of the most significant debates around voting rights relates to voter identification laws. A tension exists between ensuring that elections are as secure as possible and ensuring that there are as few barriers to voting as possible.
Free Speech
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants Americans arguably “the most protective free speech standard in the world.” Today, there exists tensions over whether, or to what extent, our institutions – from schools, to newspapers, to social media platforms – should embrace freedom of expression as a guiding ethic.
Monuments and Memorials
There has been a national movement to rename buildings or tear down statues that are named after or dedicated to problematic historical figures. Today, there are tensions and ongoing debates over whether such initiatives brush our history under the rug or offer a more nuanced understanding.

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